Tantric & Taoist Techniques

Tantric & Taoist Techniques are old and proven Eastern philosophy Extended Sexual Arousal Techniques enhancing your erotic energy and sexual abilities. You can become Multi-Orgasmic without actually ejaculating until you decide to ejaculate.

Mastering these Techniques and gaining more and more control over your need to ejaculate is the key to experiencing heightened, deeper and prolonged pleasure – which is wonderfully empowering!

You can experience greater endurance and sensitivity and plateau at a level of pleasure – which you never want to end! This journey of pleasure becomes the place you want to remain in rather than expelling your erotic energy through a quick ejaculation.

As you become more and more masterly at these Techniques, you will learn to have Dry Orgasms. You will be able to hover right at the point of ejaculation without ejaculating – which is extremely pleasurable! You can back away from that point and continue experiencing incredible pleasure and erotic charge. You will learn to circulate your erotic energy up into your body. This ability starts you on the journey of being able to have Whole Body Orgasms – which are wonderful.

In time you will learn to have both Dry & Whole Body Orgasms simultaneously. This is the area of becoming so erotically charged and pleasured – you can have a wonderful high feeling. But you are doing and experiencing this totally naturally – without the need of drugs or stimulants!

This can give you more control over your sexual desires; can lead to better sexual experiences, safer sex and more satisfying masturbation.

These Techniques are not mastered overnight. They require practice! And your practicing them is wonderfully pleasurable – in and of itself.

I will train you to be able to achieve these goals!