Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a form of massage?

No, this is not massage at all. A massage with or without "release" is great, but the effect is short-lived. In contrast, these Techniques can be used for a lifetime. And once you have mastered them, they can be applied to any form of sex.

Who should take Lessons?

So what happens during the Introductory Lesson?

It is a one-on-one Lesson. In my Introductory Lesson I give you the history of the Tantric & Taoist Techniques, what is achievable, what I have achieved, start you on a genital strengthening exercise, and a very specific solo masturbation exercise to start to train you according to the Tantric & Taoist approach to sexuality. I guide and demonstrate for you the genital strengthening exercises and the solo masturbation exercise necessary for you to gain the control needed for mastering the Techniques. You begin trying out the basic exercises along with me. It is essential you do the exercises, on yourself, so you can begin to learn your own genital, body and mind responses.

Is the Lesson done in the nude?

Since this is a sexual training experience, nudity is highly recommended – it will help you benefit more from the Lesson and make it more enjoyable.

Are you nude during the Lesson?

Yes, I will be nude.

What do we do when I come back for another Lesson?

My Lessons are designed to build on, complement and augment each other. They can be individualized according to what you have achieved in your practicing at home. I need to hear how you are progressing, answer any of your questions, refresh any concepts & techniques and continue your training in these Techniques. There are other related exercises and practices which are necessary to help you master and advance yourself with these Techniques – which I will teach you.

Repeat Lessons are organized according to the following schedule or can include parts of the following:

I will guide you the entire way along this Tantric & Taoist Path, as needed, since the ability to master them varies from man to man. I am here to help you learn all along the way.