Mike"It was very enlightening, clear and professional. I do want to achieve sexual experiences above and beyond what I’ve experienced before. This certainly is the key!"

Bill"I practiced for an hour last night – these are, indeed, very interesting techniques. I will be in-touch with you again."

Hal"I learned a lot. I can’t recall the last time I learned such useful information that was so much fun to practice."

Joe"It was a thoroughly enjoyable lesson. I was immediately comfortable with you. You communicated the information in a very clear and professional manner. I appreciated the way you fielded my questions and integrated the information I shared about myself into the lesson. It is obvious you are both serious and enthusiastic about the subject in a fun and informative manner."

Tom"My erections are much harder and firmer. I never thought this was possible because now when the wind blows – I get aroused."

Ross"You were warm, knowledgeable and gracious. I learned so much from you in such a short time. I learned far more than I would ever learn from reading a book. It made it very real and relevant to me. I will follow the techniques you have taught me. After I accomplish that I will return for further training that will take me to the next level. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for helping me on my way. It's very liberating."

John"I started practicing when I got home last night. Really the first thing you did for me is the job of every good therapist - you let me be myself."

Chris"Raising my Erotic Energy seems to be fairly easy for me. It has increased my energy level for our next lesson. I will definitely schedule a lesson on that with you soon."

Brian"I thought you were very professional, knowledgeable, informative, and have an infectious enthusiasm for this Tantric work."

AJ"This has been useful for me not only when masturbating but also when having sex with a partner. I certainly have more control over my ejaculation. I have had a number of experiences of what seems to be the beginning of a "whole body orgasm" a kind of tingling and sensitivity on the surface of my skin over my entire body."

Lou"I have noticed a longer erection time before I ejaculate, which is wonderful for me."

Mark "You have a very calming and reassuring way of teaching. I liked the zest in your eyes as you were teaching me the techniques."

Robert"I really enjoyed this evening. I learned much from you. You explain everything very clearly and your presentation is lively and interesting. Most important, you are a kind, intelligent and very nice man. I am so glad we have connected."