LarryYou can learn how to heighten, deepen and prolong your sexual pleasure for as long as you want. Get more in touch with your body, sexual and erotic self. Learn how to circulate your erotic energy through your body and keep yourself pleasantly erotically charged for as long as you want.

Besides being extremely pleasurable, these Techniques have wonderfully energizing, revitalizing and healing possibilities. When you master these Techniques, you will empower yourself as never before.

Enhance your body, mind and spirit connection.

This is for men who want to learn Extended Sexual Arousal Techniques, which are often called Tantric or Taoist Sex Techniques. These Techniques can improve your sex, masturbation and sexual pleasure greatly!

They can also be very helpful to men with certain sexual dysfunctions or difficulties.

I am proficient at them, and am a good Teacher and Coach at these Techniques. I had a Coach myself when I was learning them – which is important!

I like to work with men who are interested in expanding themselves sexually, personally, and perhaps even spiritually. I work with Gay, Bi-Sexual and Straight men.

I help make learning these Techniques as simple as possible.

Also I do Counseling for men who may be experiencing relationship problems, sexual difficulties or have other related issues. Our sessions do not have to be about Tantric Techniques.

My work is completely legitimate and I have helped many men.

Give yourself a chance to learn, benefit and achieve from my knowledge and experience.

I invite you to review the information here at my Website for details about my work and lessons.

Thank you.